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How is your roof? Most of us don’t walk around thinking about the condition of your roof – unless you are a home inspector of course. But a roof is something that needs maintenance and attention, but is often forgotten about.

But how long does a roof last, and when does it need “attention”? The average roof life span is about 20-30 years for a fiberglass shingle. A roof put on within the last 5-10 years is very likely what they call a “30-year shingle”. But that does not mean that the roof will actually last that long.

A roof goes through a lot, and the life span is usually shorter than the package says. Also, things like plumbing vent boots don’t last as long as the shingles do. So what does this mean for you as a homeowner?

It means that at around 15 – 20 years it is a good idea to send a roofer up there to do some maintenance and repairs to keep your roof lasting as long as possible. Also, keeping vegetation and other items away from your roof is important too.

So don’t lay awake at night worrying about your roof, but definitely give it more attention than a roof typically gets.

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