Your Roof – Important… And Expensive

How is your roof? Most of us don’t walk around thinking about the condition of your roof – unless you are a home inspector of course. But a roof is something that needs maintenance and attention, but is often forgotten about. But how long does a roof last,...

Should an Inspection Be Optional?

Are you planning a move to a new home in 2020? Moving can be an extremely stressful time and this can be made even worse if you find your perfect dream home only to find out that the property has multiple offers on it. What can you do? Perhaps you will try to sweeten...

Pellet Stoves

As we go deeper into winter, it brings with it colder weather. Due to rising energy costs, many are looking at alternative power sources, and one of those is pellet stoves. A pellet stove is most commonly fueled by different types of materials that would otherwise go...

How To Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

It is getting cold outside, and depending on where you live, your home might not be set up for a cold snap. One of the biggest risks for property damage in the wintertime is that of frozen pipes. If your pipes aren’t insulated properly, a quick drop in temperature...
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