The use of chemicals has had a significant impact on the environment and even the day-to-day lives of nearly every person living today. This has been for good and for bad, to be sure. One aspect of life in which many people find themselves resorting to the use of chemicals is when the drains in their homes become clogged, leading to a backup of water. But, is that the best choice?

Chemicals used to unclog a drain are often very harsh – and they’d need to be, to do the work they need to do. And although many products claim to be safe for most plumbing, it’s very important to look closely at the instructions and to know exactly what your plumbing system consists of. Many “safe” drain-clearing chemicals can corrode, dissolve, or otherwise damage certain types of pipes, enamel-based finishes, and so forth. Why not do some research before clearing that clog? In many cases, a good plunger, drain snake, or good old-fashioned vinegar and baking soda may do the trick.

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