Is the water from your tap good enough for drinking? Some might feel like they don’t like the smell or taste of their tap water and choose not to drink it. Others might feel that since their water comes from a well, it is clean. Unfortunately, your nose and taste buds are not the best tools for determining the quality of your water. In fact, most of the substances found in tap water that are harmful, do not have a noticeable taste or smell. 

You might, however, have a very unpleasant smell that isn’t harmful, but that still can be remedied. Take, for example, the smell of chlorine. Chlorine is regularly added to your tap water if you are on a municipal water supply. This is done to hinder the growth of harmful microbes, but of course this smell is not pleasant, and if it is very strong, it could be your water is over-chlorinated. If this is the case, you could install an activated coal filter which will lower the amount of chlorine in your water.

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