Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to safely powering your electronic devices is the use of power strips. Power strips are super helpful when there aren’t as many power outlets as you’d like in your home. Usually, homes are designed with outlets at a fixed distance from each other, and that distance is rarely planned with your furniture and electronics in mind.

Power strips can be very hazardous when not used properly, though. For example, it may be tempting to place a power strip under a rug or curtains to keep it hidden, but this is a serious fire hazard. Another hazard is plugging one power strip into another one. Daisy-chaining like this is not only bad for the devices plugged into them, but it can damage the power strips and start fires. Be sure to check your power strips for damage and correct use regularly. Frayed wires cause fires, and plugs that aren’t fully inserted into outlets can too.

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