It’s about this time of year that many homeowners start thinking about the idea of owning a nice outdoor deck. As the weather starts warming up, daydreams of relaxing outside next to a grill or in a hot tub become more and more common. Even if you already own a deck, you might be thinking about sprucing it up a bit. If you’re looking into the potential for building – or rebuilding – a deck, are you making sure to consider all the factors?

One of the most important factors in deck construction and safety can also be easily overlooked. That factor is the structural support that’s needed to keep the deck in good repair. While the weight of the construction materials is important, your planning should also take into consideration the potential human load that could be placed on the deck. That would include any stairways or railing since these are often leaned on and are the first parts of a deck to need maintenance.

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