“WFH” is an acronym that has taken over our everyday vocabulary. Working From Home is a dream come true for some people, and a nightmare for others. In either case, working from home can cause some unexpected effects on your property.

In short, your home is becoming a lot more “used” than it was when you were commuting to work. Plumbing fixtures are seeing more action, your furniture is being more stressed, and electrical connections in your home are being taxed. Normal operating costs that are typically absorbed by your employer may be part of your personal expenses now.

While there’s really no way around this extra wear and tear on your property, it may be helpful to think about ways to practice energy conservation and other ways to preserve the furniture, fixture, and finishes of your home. And once you’re back to working from your office, a professional home inspection can help you to have peace of mind that your property is still in great shape.

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