Is this a good time to sell a house? Well, maybe it’s not the ideal time to sell a house, but it’s certainly not impossible. Before the breakout of this pandemic in this country, the real estate market was doing well. Even though many may be concerned about the effect that the pandemic is having on the market, the fact is that houses are still being bought and sold. Here are some reasons why real estate transactions are still happening:

First, many realtors are adapting to these new circumstances. As they work from home, they’re offering virtual tours of properties and electronic delivery and execution of contracts and other legal documents. If you haven’t already, a conversation with your realtor may help to put your mind at ease as they tell you what they’ve been doing to keep moving houses in this pandemic.

Second, many states are prioritizing the reopening of business related to real estate. The sale of a home has a tremendous impact on stimulating the economy in a local area, making it very lucrative for states to encourage the buying and selling of homes.

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