It is getting cold outside, and depending on where you live, your home might not be set up for a cold snap. One of the biggest risks for property damage in the wintertime is that of frozen pipes. If your pipes aren’t insulated properly, a quick drop in temperature could cause them to freeze, and with the ice expanding inside of the pipe, there is a risk that the pipe could burst.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to be aware of the risk and preparing well in advance. If you are willing to invest some money into preparation, insulating pipes that are in areas of your home that aren’t heated will lessen the risk of pipes freezing.

If temperatures are expected to drop low, you can prepare by leaving a couple of faucets running slowly. Leaving cabinet doors open underneath your sink will also help. Putting fans in doorways to blow warmer air into colder areas of your home, such as crawlspaces and basements can serve as extra protection.

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