Thermal imaging can be a very important part of your home inspection. It can reveal areas of heat loss, air infiltration, air conditioner compressor leaks, and more. But how do Thermal Imaging Cameras work?

There are four main features that professional Thermal Imaging Cameras have:

  1. Focus. This works just like your camera phone – it helps you to achieve a clear image.
  2. Reflective Temperature. Thermal Imaging Cameras can allow you to compensate for surrounding objects reflecting heat onto the subject of the image.
  3. Emissivity Settings. Emissivity is the amount of radiation emitting from an object compared to the perfect emitter of radiation when both are at the same temperature. Adjusting emissivity is especially important when you’re comparing the temperatures of two objects.
  4. Thermal Tuning. This allows you to adjust the range of temperatures that the camera will see.

Pretty much everyone owns a camera nowadays. But when you need a professional home inspection, it’s vital to work with an inspector that performs thermal imaging services. Give us a call today! 

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