Have you ever heard of fatbergs? It’s not surprising if you haven’t. This term was only coined a few years ago, when some giant masses of solidified fat and grease were found in the sewers of London. Some fatbergs have been more than 800 feet long, weighing more than four humpback whales. Why are we telling you this horrifying story?

Well, the fact is that many of these fatbergs have been made up almost entirely of cooking fat and grease that was poured down the drain of household sinks. Even beyond the threat that this poses to city sewage systems, pouring grease down drains or toilets can wreak incredible havoc on your home’s plumbing system.

So, instead of pouring grease down drains, be sure to let the grease cool and solidify in the open air, and then dispose of it in your trash can. Never, ever, ever pour grease down a kitchen drain!

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